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We are an independent MWBE, certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the NYC Small Business Services Division of Economic and Financial Opportunity and The Port Authority of NY & NJ Office of Business Diversity and Civil Rights.

Womens Buisness Enterprise

We are committed to supplier diversity and support other diverse suppliers in the work we do for our clients.

A New American

Today’s multicultural audiences, led by nearly 60 million Hispanics, place this country at the crossroads of one of its most exciting sociological, cultural and economic moments in history. They have represented ― and continue to represent ― a huge business opportunity, as U.S. Hispanics are the engine of a multicultural force that is pioneering the future.

The U.S. Hispanic population has often been described as a country within a country ― the world’s second largest Spanish-speaking population whose $1.3 trillion in purchasing power ranks among the top 15 global economies. But Hispanics are more than powerful statistics. They are a vibrant thread of U.S. society that seamlessly share their values, customs, and ideas with Americans of all backgrounds, building and inspiring what is now a Multicultural Nation.

As a consumer group, the impact of the Hispanic market can be felt nationwide. They drive trends in several industries and product categories, but this impact is turbocharged in several major markets across the country.

Here's a glimpse of the ten largest Hispanic markets measured by aggregate purchasing power ( TPP ):

It’s a powerful narrative of growth that has generated prosperous culturally-centric Spanish-language media, and collective interaction that empowers and enhances cultural identity.

Excellence in Marketing.
Experts in Culture.

Our model harnesses strategic excellence in marketing with expertise in culture to help brands engage today’s technologically-savvy multicultural consumers, while leveraging the compelling opportunities represented by the diverse segments among U.S. Hispanics.

As The New American AgencyTM we have helped our clients be pioneers in the landscape of Hispanic marketing and communications. Some examples include:

U.S. Census

Helped generate savings of over $1 billion by creating a multi-lingual campaign to maximize participation of the general public and minimize time of Census takers in the field. This campaign was informed and substantively led by Hispanic insights.


Partnered with client’s multicultural team to serve as a change agent to transform this iconic, American institution by going beyond marketing and advertising and helping to build capacity so that it can better serve its fastest-growing member prospect audience, Hispanics 50+.


Innovated the manner in which McDonald’s leverages iconic, tent pole properties with an enthusiastic Hispanic fan base (i.e. World Cup) to create total market programs to promote brand affinity and drive retail traffic and transactions.

ConAgra Foods

Changed internal stakeholders’ perspectives on the new American landscape and the role multicultural consumers play as leading the growth of many food categories. Now, multicultural is viewed as a leading edge consumer segment across categories, where their values, beliefs and behaviors are influencing and shaping the mainstream.

Pioneering the

We define ourselves as Cultural Warriors. Spreading the word, creating the impact, transcending the stereotypes, sharing the strength of our people ― pioneering the future!

As each U.S. Hispanic continues to win America’s embrace, they’re vividly pioneering the future and changing the contours of our national landscape. It’s a process of plural enrichment where the cultural journey of an individual can go beyond acculturation and may move unstoppably through stages of change, re-rooting and reaffirmation. The process may involve Spanish, English and Spanglish. It is, above all, a journey of Cultural Syncretism.

With America seeing the broadening of the parameters of ethnicity, what we’re witnessing is in fact a process of a more comfortable and fuller transculturation with a compelling component of cultural reclaiming.

The d in d expósito & Partners: Daisy Expósito-Ulla

Daisy has been recognized for her "trailblazing contributions to American advertising and for her leading role in the development and evolution of multicultural marketing in the U.S.A."

In 2015, d expósito & Partners was chosen by the American Educational Foundation (AEF) as Agency of the Year, a first for an independent or a multicultural agency, thus adding the name of the company to an impressive list of previous winners among global giants. Also in 2015, Daisy was named one of the 25 most powerful women by People En Español.

Integrated agency, integrated approach.


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