d expósito & Partners, LLC is one of the fastest-growing, integrated and multi-service communications agencies in the U.S.A., with a fresh business model designed to help clients win consumers. Propelled by a Hispanic-centric DNA, it is positioned as The New American Agency™, offering expertise in culture and excellence in marketing to help brands engage today’s technologically-savvy, multicultural consumers, while leveraging the compelling opportunities represented by U.S. Hispanics. Led by its founder Daisy Expósito-Ulla, it is an independent, minority- and woman-owned firm that provides relevant in-culture communications.




We are an independent, minority and woman-owned firm that provides in-language, in-culture and English-language communications programs. Dubbed as the New American Agency, d expósito & Partners aims to be the clients' agency catalyst for winning consumers in today's dynamic marketplace. 



To be the new american agency by dedicating ourselves to a fresh, critical way of looking at today's consumer landscape, offering strategic excellence in marketing and creatively leveraging our insights as experts in culture for a total market solution in today's new digital age.



Crafting Hispanic communications is our focus and our forte. We have a deep understanding of the diverse Hispanic consumer market, and as such, the majority of our work is targeted to Latinos; the work can be in Spanish, English, or even Spanglish, depending on the brand strategy, consumer target, and media mix.